Cantine Spalletti Colonna di Paliano
Via Sogliano, 100 47039 Savignano sul Rubicone, Emilia-Romagna Italia
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New technology, great tradition

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In the heart of the land of Romagna, plunged into the beautiful landscape of the historical “ Estate of Savignano”, you will find the wineyards, where the great wines of Spalletti Colonna di Paliano come from.
The winery boasts an age-old custom, dating back to the 16th century , when its fine wines used to replenish the Monks coming from Classe, Ravenna, spending their rest there in the Ribano Castle.
Since then the vocation of the land to the art of making good wine has remained unchanged .
In the middle of the Estate of Savignano stands the Ribano Castle, the place where on 1875 the Count Giulio Rasponi founded the winery.
The estate was inherited by her daughter Eugenia who gave it to her on his niece Countess Gabriella Rasponi.
Countess Gabriella is joined in marriage to Count Venceslao Spalletti. From this marriage were born five children and one of them, Giambattista, inherited the estate and winery.
Count Giambattista marries Countess Teresa Ruffo who gives birth to Venceslao, Ludovica and Maria Luisa.
Countess Maria Luisa was linked to Prince Oddone Colonna by marriage, she inherits the Estate and gives it to her son Giovanni.
Prince Giovanni Colonna di Paliano is the current owner of the estate of Savignano. He always managed it with care and attention and with his wisdom he has expanded the cultivation of vineyards and built a new and advanced winery. Inaugurated in 2005 this new building is, where all the winemaking steps  enjoy a perfect and rigorous harmony, enhancing the best potential.
The most part of the hectars are exclusively used for the wine-growing, especially , for Sangiovese, Albana, Bombino Bianco, Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc, Riesling , Chardonnay and Merlot grapes.
The reasons for such a large and prestigious production lies in a mix of elements: an establishment with over 5000 plants per hectare, clones of grapes cultivated in soils particularly suited, modest and appropriate fertilization, thinning to contain and optimize production, fermentation with selected yeasts and a whole quality control  in a hight tech advanced cellar.
The quality of the Spalletti Colonna di Paliano wines is the result of an accurate human and technological process in order to achieve a product of excellence.
                                                              new technology and great tradition



A selection of red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, delicacies, liqueurs, schnapps, jams and preserves.




The Winery has obtained numerous awards and prizes in the world over the years.


Il castello

The Castle

A beautiful mansion, recently renovated, ideal location for ceremonies and events.


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The shop of the Cantina Spalletti Colonna di Paliano winery has a wide selection of quality products.